‘I’m really looking forward to this tour, it’s the first time we’ve done anything like this ever,’ says Kim Hooker, vocalist for Welsh glam metallers Tigertailz, regarding the band’s highly anticipated tour of the UK that is set to commence in Birmingham on Friday, 13 May. Last year they celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their breakthrough album Bezerk with a live record that saw them performing the album in its entirety.

While many other bands that emerged from the British hair metal scene of the late 1980s have long since slipped into obscurity, Tigertailz have gained a new generation of fans through sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Hooker explains that this tour takes the band back to their humble beginnings; ‘We’ve deliberately booked shows in some of our favourite places from back in the day and some cities we’ve never been before. It’ll be exciting not knowing if there’ll be fifty or five-hundred fans there and that’s exactly what we’re after, we want to be made to work hard for the audience again and we want to get the sweaty club vibe back.’

Tigertailz were formed in Cardiff, Wales, in the mid-1980s by guitarist Jay Pepper and bassist Pepsi Tate. Having recruited singer Steevi Jaimz, the band recorded their debut album, Young and Crazy, which was released through Music for Nations in 1987. But following issues with Jaimz’s drinking he was fired from the group and Hooker was brought onboard, resulting in the critically acclaimed Bezerk and the hit single Love Bomb Baby. After a decade-long hiatus, Tigertailz reformed and released the long-awaited ‘sequel’ Bezerk 2.0, but sadly Tate passed away in late 2007 and the future of the band seemed uncertain. In 2010 bassist Sarah Firebrand and drummer Robin Guy completed the line-up and a renewed Tigertailz once again began to built a reputation through constant touring and networking.

‘I love the whole intensity of touring. New towns, new venues, new faces. Next week we will be playing songs from every ‘Tailz album, so there’s some of the old favourites and also some tracks that Robin and I haven’t yet played live,’ states Firebrand. ‘I’m also looking forward to having SPiT LiKE THiS on the bill with us. I first discovered them years ago back in my Firebrand days and it was great to meet them and play with them last year in Ibiza for the Hard Rock Hell Road Trip. Having Vikki along with us should balance out the belching, farting and snoring aspect. Until now I’ve only ever been on tour with other girls, so I imagine it will be less fragrance and Feminax and more snoring and skid-marks.’

Pepper, the sole original member of Tigertailz, is just as eager as his bandmates to start touring and meet the fans; ‘Really looking forward to hitting the road in the UK next week and catching up with all you mental ‘Tailz maniacs. I’ve missed you crazy feckers! We’ll certainly be burnin’ fuel and feeling the British power with me and Kim riding our triumph bikes. So come and say hello if you see us on the road!’

Guy, meanwhile, whose work has ranged from cult acts such as Rachel Stamp to established stars like Bruce Dickinson, is restless and ready to rock; ‘The band is on fire and we’re all loving playing together, which is, after all, what being in a band is all about! I’ve had too many tours and shows cancelled/postponed recently, so I’m really looking forward to playing some of these venues I haven’t been back to since back in the day with Rachel Stamp.’

Following their appearance at HMV Temple in Birmingham on 13 May, Tigertailz and SPiT LiKE THiS will be performing at London Underworld (14), Manchester Moho Live (15), Sheffield Academy 2 (18), Newcastle Academy 2 (19), Glasgow Cathouse (20) and Nottingham Marcus Garvey (21), the latter also featuring a set from Wrathchild.

‘We have some killa surprises so there’s something for everyone, and I’ll be playing My fuckin’ heart out, every night, youknowsit,’ laughs Guy. ‘From the heaviest of metals to the prettiest of petals, Tigertailz got it covered. See you in the pit.” And once the tour is over it seems that the band will be heading to the studio to work on the follow-up to 2007′s Thrill Pistol and their first album with Firebrand and Guy. ‘After the tour we start the new album,’ concludes Hooker, ‘and hopefully we can get that exciting live fresh vibe into the recording.’