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Rob Zombie: ‘I Never Wanted to Do Just One Type of Movie’

While his music has often been steeped in horror movie references, from the name of his former group White Zombie to the album title Make Them Die Slowly, musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie has always insisted that he wanted to work outside of the genre, directing movies that were no full of death and gore.

Following his grindhouse debut House of 1,000 Corpses and its acclaimed sequel The Devil’s Rejects, Zombie went against the horror community by remaking John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween, scoring at the box office but gaining mixed reviews.

Despite insisting that he had no interest in directing a follow-up, two years later saw the release of Halloween II, a critically-mauled experimental horror that attempted to move away from the slasher roots of the franchise. ‘I just got protective of the series, because I had spent so much time trying to revive the whole thing,’ Zombie told MTV soon after its release, stating that he made the movie so no other filmmaker would ruin what he had achieved with his remake.

Having made the most surreal and complex movie of his career with The Lords of Salem, which was released on home video in Britain in April and will arrive in North America later this year, Zombie made the announcement that he was to explore other genres away from horror for the foreseeable future.

‘I always wanted to do different stuff, I never wanted to do just one type of movie, and even within what I was doing I would want to make it different,’ he recently explained to Albany station Q103. ‘Even with House of 1,000 Corpses, with the second I didn’t want to make House of 1,000 Corpses Part II, I had no interest in that, so I decided to just make a totally different movie.

‘But it’s so hard to get the financing and the money; it just takes so many millions of dollars, even if you make a cheap movie, that I never want to turn anything down because the opportunities are hard to come by. So I’ve just done what I could at the moment, but the next bunch of projects lined up, none of them are horror projects.’

Sig Haig and Rob Zombie

Sig Haig and Rob Zombie

Zombie also spoke about his next proposed project, a sports movie entitled Broadstreet Bullies, ‘Lords of Salem comes out in September on DVD, and then in October I’m doing this thing called The Great American Nightmare, which is this two-week Halloween thing in California with bands, haunted mazes, car shows and wrestling and this stuff.

And then we’re heading to South America. We’ve got a lot of touring to do, but somewhere along the lines I’m in the early stages of casting and putting the financing together for Broadstreet Bullies. The true-life story of the Philadelphia Flyers in 1974 winning the Stanley Cup, which sounds like a boring story if you don’t like hockey but it’s a crazy story and it’s definitely a movie for non-sports fans as well.’


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