The roots of LOVE-IT-LOUD.co.uk can be traced back to DR GORE’S FUNHOUSE.com, which was first launched in the autumn of 2009 as a horror website dedicated to interviewing cast and crew of cult horror and fantasy films. The following summer a sister site, LOVE-IT-LOUD.com, was created to serve a similar purpose to rock and metal artists, although soon both websites were also focusing on news updates and detailed retrospectives on cinema and music, respectively.

Over the years both sites continued on their mission to entertain and enlighten readers with exclusive interviews and press releases, while also helping support emerging artists in a competitive industry. In early 2015 DR. GORE’S FUNHOUSE was briefly rebranded as SCREAM-IT-LOUD.com in order to highlight its association with LOVE-IT-LOUD.com, but on Christmas 2015 both sites merged together to form LOVE-IT-LOUD.co.uk.

Interviews and articles from both DR. GORE’S FUNHOUSE.com and LOVE-IT-LOUD.com have both migrated in their entirety to LOVE-IT-LOUD.co.uk, and we continue to explore both classic music and motion pictures while also looking to the future of both industries. We thank you for your support!


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